How to contribute

CONSERV is an innovative business model, with great potential for scale, that seeks to enhance the conservation of forests on private properties, contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

The initiative uses its own methodologies, developed after three years of research and dialogues with rural producers.

CONSERV has multiple benefits, since it interests different audiences simultaneously:

  • Companies/organizations: reducing deforestation in chains and mitigating carbon emissions;
  • Agribusiness: Rainfall maintenance and long-term sustainability;
  • Countries/Government: meeting climate change mitigation targets and improving the country's reputation for reducing deforestation;
  • Entities: conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The mechanism is already in full operation and proves in practice that it is possible to combine quality production with conservation.

contracts signed in the State of Mato Grosso and
in Pará.


hectares of protected vegetation.
tons of carbon stored in the contracted area.

Avoiding the emission of

tons of CO₂ if the vegetation were removed.
To find out how to contribute to the initiative or to establish partnerships, contact us via email: